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Android Best Games With Features

These are some of the best games that you can play on your Android device. They’re fun, exciting, and easy to pick up. They don’t require any special skills or knowledge to play; they’re designed specifically for beginners.

Pokemon Go

Since its release in 2016, Pokemon Go has been among the most popular Android best games. This location-based augmented reality game allows users to capture Pokemon that appear in real places using their smartphones. The game has also become a cultural phenomenon and one of the most successful mobile apps of all time.

The main characters in this game are Pokemons which you can catch by visiting different locations and then throwing Poké Balls at them to capture them. You can also train your Pokemons so they can fight against other players’ Pokemons or defend against wild ones when you’re not around!

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a multiplayer game that can be played on Android devices. The game is based on the Clash of Clans and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. 

The main objective of the game is to destroy your opponent’s tower before they destroy yours while defending your own tower at all costs. This can be achieved by attacking them with troops such as goblins, archers, or even giants (which are very strong). You have different cards with different abilities that must be used strategically according to each situation. 

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a game about a group of young graffiti artists who are chased by an inspector and his dog. It’s an endless runner with a unique twist: you can swipe to switch lanes, allowing you to dodge obstacles and collect coins while moving forward.

The game was originally released on iOS in 2012, but it has since been ported to Android and other operating systems including Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. The graphics are simple yet appealing, which helps make the game accessible even when played on lower-end devices (and don’t worry–it works fine on high-end ones too).

Subway Surfers’ universe is called “The Subway” because all its locations are based on real places found around the world like London or Tokyo; there’s also an unlockable map that shows all these locations together so players can see where they’ve been before!

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne is a racing game developed by Gameloft. It was released on May 15, 2013, and is available on iOS and Android. The app has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on the Apple App Store, with users praising its graphics and gameplay mechanics; however, some have complained about its high price tag or difficulty level is too low for seasoned players.

Asphalt 8 Airborne features over 120 licensed cars from manufacturers like Audi, Lamborghini, and McLaren that can be customized with new parts such as rims or spoilers before heading out onto tracks around the world (including Tokyo). The game also includes several different modes including multiplayer races where you compete against other players’ scores; pursuit mode where you must catch up with someone else’s car before time runs out; free roam where you drive around looking for hidden treasure chests filled with money bags–these can then be used in other modes like career mode where players progress through various races until reaching their final destination: Dubai International Circuit!

Madden Mobile Coins

Madden NFL Mobile is a mobile football game developed by EA Sports. It was released on August 25, 2016, for Android and iOS devices. The game allows players to manage their team, play games against other players and compete in tournaments.

The game features include:

  • Managing your team;
  • Playing games against other players;
  • Competing in tournaments (free-to-play).

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games on Android. It’s a puzzle game where you match different candies to score points and earn rewards. You can play with friends or compete against other players, whether they’re online or offline. There are also special challenges where you have to use your brain and think fast in order to get through them successfully!

Interesting And Fun To Play

Android Best Games are not just for children. They can be played by adults too and they are free to download. They can be played on a smartphone or tablet, offline as well as online. The following are some of the best Android games that you should try out:


The Android operating system is one of the most popular mobile platforms in the world. It has millions of users and hundreds of thousands of apps available for download on the Google Play Store. This makes it easier for users to find games that suit their tastes and preference.