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TFT: New Ranking System Explained

In competitive gaming and PvP (Player vs. player) games. Players get ruthless about their competition and they do everything to get past their opponents even if it causes them to do some unethical things. When these players are not competing with each other they compete for the highest rank that their respective game has to offer. Some gamers get obsessed with the idea of getting the highest rank in the game and they neglect their life pursuing their newfound obsession.

In today’s era every game that is PvP is flooded with those pixels that people put their time and efforts on called ranks and it is very tough to find a game today that is Player vs player and doesn’t have a rank ladder. Because before competitive games got popular there was no such thing as rank ladders. In the past people played video games for fun and relaxation but now it is more of a stress test of your brain to test how much pressure and adrenaline it can handle before getting hot.

We have to live in the world of every growing competitive game with challenging rank ladders. So in this blog, we will discuss the teamfight tactics updates and New Rankings and I will try to explain it and how it works.

So firstly if you don’t know what Team fight tactics is. Team Fight Tactics is an auto battler competitive game made by Riot Games (the makers of League of Legends). TFT is set in the League of Legends universe.

So team fight tactics were structured to operate in sets with each of the sets giving players new characters, traits, and all the other glossy things. But now the game behaves in a ranking-based structure. It means that now players have a separate ranking for each set. Giving players a lot more focus on rank climbing. So basically before this update, your tier wouldn’t get down by losing the only thing that can get affected was your lp. But top finishes will give you more lp while losing will cause you to lose your lp rather than your rank.

There is also a new rank introduced in the game called emerald now the rank tier in TFT will look like this:

  • Iron I to Iron IV
  • Bronze I to Bronze IV
  • Silver I to Silver IV
  • Gold I to Gold IV
  • Platinum I to Platinum IV
  • Emerald I to Emerald IV
  • Diamond Ito Diamond IV Master
  • Grand Master
  • Challenger

Before this update, the game had fewer tiers and ranks. The game was not awarding earnings for good performances only if a player finished in the top 4 were there any chances of you getting a good amount of lp. The game also didn’t have any prominent leaderboard as such. The only thing that remains constant for this update is the rank reset.

What are the changes:

Riot said that because they are going to release a set every four months they needed to change the rank ladder to make it feel more engaging. So not only did they add a whole new rank they also made a bunch of changes to make the game more engaging and competitive.

The first change is that they make the player from platinum or lower ranks rank up faster. This means that you no longer have to be furious about the rank decay because you will rank up faster than ever before.

The next that they made is related to rank decaying so here is how this goes:

Riot said that they are using this update to revise their rules on decaying. So decay is still there but it gets softer and softer for higher rank players like masters grand masters and challengers. But don’t don’t take it wrong, you still have to defend your rank against the best players in the world. Riot has increased the bank size to 14 games. So now you can bank up 14 matches for each day before ever getting a hit on your LP. you can take a break from the game for 2 weeks without worrying about it decaying but if you take any longer TFT will hit you with -LP.

Here’s the final list of rank decay for master and + rank players:

  • Masters will get a penalty up to -50 LP
  • Grandmaster will get a penalty up to -150 LP
  • Challenger rank decaying will remain the same as before -250 LP