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Things You Should Know About Apex Legends Season 17

Apex Legend’s new season 17 has been released. There are many things you need to know about, like a brand new legend, New rank overhaul, or World’s Edge map rework. Although season 16 was pretty stale, to be honest, Respawn has bounced back with the all-new season they are calling “Arsenal”. In addition to the new content, Season 17 also includes a number of changes to the existing game. The Charge Rifle has been nerfed, and the R-99 SMG has been buffed. As I told you earlier there’s a lot to talk about so Now that intro is out of the way let’s get things going.

New legend Ballistic:

Ballistic is an old veteran who is joining the apex games to safeguard his kid. He has flashbacks of his past where he chose power over his friend and he regrets it ever since now he is determined that he will never make this mistake again.

This 63 old legend is an assault category legend and has some kind of unique abilities and ultimate that I will list below so you can take a glance at it.

Tactical: Whistler

His tactical is a projectile that when it fires overheats the enemy’s guns and debuffs their firing ass their weaponry heats it will cause a reaction and the weapon will no longer be useable for your enemies.

Passive: Sling

His passive is that he can carry three guns at the same time so unlike every other legend you can carry a third gun of your wish which can come in handy in a fight.

Ultimate: Tempest

His ultimate is kind and is really helpful to his squad so what his ultimate does is throw a field in his vicinity and when his team comes into this field they get buff applied meaning their guns will get reloaded faster also infinite ammo for the guns. The fire rate of their guns will be quicker, the movement of their teammates will also be snappier.

Rank Overhaul:

Season 17 introduced the biggest overhaul to Ranked Mode in Apex Legends history.  This new rank mode will feature a new system based on a hidden matchmaking rating (MMR) This term is quite common in competitive games, with skill adjustments made on premade sizes to account for the competitive advantages gained. There is a new ladder points system which is far more complex and detailed than the now retired ranking point system. Overall, Season 17’s Ranked overhaul is intended to make the mode more competitive and rewarding for players. The modifications to Ladder Points kills, and assists are all intended to encourage players to play for placement and teamwork rather than just kills. The improved matchmaking is also intended to make the game more fair and competitive for all players.

Players Opting For Boosting

And for season 17 your rank and levels will be resettled and to unlock rank your account has to be at level 50. You can grind your way through these levels and then fight to the rank you think you deserve or you can hire a pro apex booster To do this for you. I know hiring a booster may sound expensive or even shady but I assure you that there are thousands of people that are getting boosted. And boosting is quite affordable so don’t worry about your pocket. But there’s a slight chance your account might get banned but can always make a new right? All I’m saying is that you can take this boosting route to get your account level up in the most stress-free way.

World’s Edge Map Rework and the season’s map rotation:

In Arsenal, the World’s Edge got a whole new packaged rework the things and location that is being changed are listed below:

New Lighting and Sky: World’s Edge’s lighting and sky have been updated. The new lighting enhances the map’s vibrancy and color. The new sky gives the map a more realistic appearance.

Fragment: The popular Fragment POI has been completely revamped and renamed Monument. The museum is situated in the heart of Fragment, surrounded by high-quality loot.

Construction: The Construction POI has been relocated from Fragment to Lava City.

Harvester: The Harvester POI got tweaked slightly. The lava level surrounding the Harvester has been reduced, making it easier for players to go throughout the area.

Skyhook: The Skyhook POI has been slightly worked on. The snow level around Skyhook has been increased, which gives the POI a wintery feel. Additionally, a new zipline has been added to Skyhook.

Mirage Voyage: They added back Mirage Voyage into the World’s Edge. The Mirage Voyage is a floating ship that is a popular spot for players to loot and fight.

Climatizers: World’s Edge now has climatizers. Climatizers are devices that allow you to manipulate the weather on the map.

Map rotation:

This maps will be available for public match and for the battle royal mode it also include the new and reworked map.

1: World’s edge

2: Olympus

3: King’s canyon

New firing range and weapon mastery:

Weapon mastery:

it’s an all-new progression system for players in Arsenal in the new season. This system in the game allows players to track their progress with each weapon. By using a weapon in a match, you can gain experience for it. As you level up their weapons, new challenges and rewards become available.

The rewards you can get by mastering a weapon:

  • Legendary Weapon Apex Pack
  • Legendary weapon mastery banner frames: These frames can be equipped with players’ banners to show off their mastery of a particular weapon.
  • Lifetime performance trackers: These trackers track how well you have used this weapon over time.
  • Weapon-specific badges: So this is somewhat like the counter-strikes stat Trak system but far more complex in this you can track your add headshot percentage and of course, your kill count.

Firing Range:

Firing range also got a hefty update. with the iconic environment being turned completely on its head. The dummies now will fire to simulate the real game combat. Also a 1v1 pit has been added in. In the new firing range there is an urban setting with multiple doors and windows. So you can practice and sharpen your movement.