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League of Legends guide: How to climb the ELO ranking

Mastering any role is a tough challenge and to be a challenger at it is a tall task to order in this article ADC will be no different to learn so we’re going to be giving you guy’s one tip for every rank on how to climb on ELO ranking.


Our first ranked tier will be the iron tier and for this first tip it’ll be something that is really simple just find a champion you like there is no point in learning a role if you do not enjoy any of its champions so let’s start here if you want to start off with an ADC on your ADC adventure then you want to start off by finding someone who works for you whether it be their lore, their play style or character appearance that draws you in play who you think is cool.

If you like long ranges ADCs then I recommend champions like Caitlyn, Ezreal or Jhin. For close range champions go for Vayne, Lucian or Xayah. If you’re a mid laner transitioning into the bot lane then bring down your Cassiopeia or Syndra. Find out what works for you what allows you to enjoy the game and run with it.

Bronze Tier

I want you to learn how to farm before we learn to run, we must learn to walk and before we learn to walk, we must learn to crawl. Learning how to farm consistently and keeping high CS numbers is a huge part of ADC as that is what you should be working on from the beginning it’s what you’re going to be doing for the majority of the game as ADC is a very scaling role that relies on creeps, turret platings and kills when you get them. Fundamentals are everything and cannot be ignored under any circumstances so get your butt in a practice tool select your favorite 80 carry and get deforming until you hit 100 CS consistently at 10 minutes.

Silver Tier

I recommend just fight, fight, and fight. Silver is by far one of the most crazy ELOs I’ve ever been in everyone is fighting running it down mid all sorts of nuttiness is going down over there. Hence why this is the ELO where you should learn to test your limits join in on the clown fiesta just make sure you aren’t actually hinting and make your team lose the game just because you’re testing limits.

Fighting constantly is how you improve your mechanics. Macko can be taught and ingrained into someone’s mind off showing them how to be on the map, where to move, what they should do but hand movement for mechanics can’t really be taught you have to work on them until you have a mastery in these skills

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Gold Tier

In gold it’s all about learning champion matchups things calm down a bit in gold from the craziness and silver. So take this chance to learn champion matchups there are tons of sites that tell you which champs counter this champ and why and how to do it.

This is where your brain has to come into play and you got to understand how to win your lane in draft before entering the game you don’t want to just blind pick Vayne and get absolutely destroyed by Caitlyn or Draven or any other lane.

Platinum Tier

Platinum you have to learn how to manipulate waves. Manipulating waves is one of the hardest concepts to learn because there are so many variables. Did you know that there are no constant results on how the first wave will interact no seriously sometimes the first wave will shove in a red side first or sometimes it’ll shove into blue side first with no pattern on how it works if there’s no outside interference such as another champion hitting it to last hit there is really no way to count that.

To properly set up a freeze you want about four extra minions on the enemy side preferably three casters and one melee to push into you and that helps you set up a freeze while you last hit for a slow push you want to have two or more creeps than the enemy and last hit every single creep that slowly ramps up your side of the wave.

Diamond Tier

You have to learn how to keep cool in diamond this is the big leagues this is where you meet all types of players from the constant flamers, the afk’s the people who are genuinely trying the best to win, the people who don’t type at all, the people who type too much and of course the people who are actually used an ELO boosting service.

This piece of advice here is to simply stay calm mute the chat and work on your own play only diamond is a rough place where a player can singularly solo win the game for you or they can solo lose it for you. Your job is to be the player who can solo win it with your amazing grasp of all the previous concepts and growth mindset going forward to pop off in solo queue or to climb in general you’re going to need three things:

  1. Good mechanics
  2. Good macro
  3. And a good mental

Masters/Grandmasters and Challenger Tiers

You must learn how to move around the map and refine the tips mentioned before at this high of a knee load you cannot afford to make big mistakes such as missing two ways because of a death or a bad recall. You must constantly be thinking about where you should be how to constantly get gold incoming into you and a basic macro rotation for a bot lane is after taking your lane turret.

You want to swap with your top laner to take down the top turret plate unless there is a dragon spawning soon reason being you definitely want to start working on an objective that’s on the bot side of the map as bot lane is usually the strong side.